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Some interesting links and sources about Coronavirus

COVID-19 Dashboard by CSSE at JHU    (

COVID-19 Real Time Updates   (

COVID-19 Cases Data   (

COVID-19 Pandemic - Humanitarian Data Exchange   (

WHO situation reports, latest updates on the novel coronavirus outbreak    (

Coronavirus disease COVID-19 – Guidelines for general care   (

COVID-19 – information and measures    (

An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time   (

Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Disease   (

WHO EMRO COVID-19 Related links   (

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control   (

Novel Coronavirus Information Center   (

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases Data - Humanitarian Data Exchange  (

Coronavirus Update (Live)   (



COVID-19 Dashboard             Real Time Updates                  COVID-19 Cases Data          COVID-19 Pandemic



WHO coronavirus reports         Coronavirus Guidelines                  Info and measures          Interactive dashboard



Coronavirus Disease                  WHO Related links              Coronavirus Infocenter        European Centre Covid



Novel Covid 19 download      Coronavirus Update (Live)